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Mobile Ticketing Benefits


Easily access your subscription tickets for the entire season in the palm of your hand, allowing for a touchless and safer entry into the theater.

Access to Benefits

Need to exchange your tickets into a different performance? Do you want to buy an extra ticket for a friend or family member? You can now take advantage of these benefits anytime, anywhere, all within the app.

Never Miss a Message

Important updates, potential scheduling changes, traffic alerts, and more are delivered straight to your mobile device in real-time.

Subscriber Resources

Access your theater’s seating map, read through Frequently Asked Questions, see what’s playing next, and get directions, all in one central, easy-to-access location.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud to offer our Hippdrome Theatre app. Click here to download to your iOS or Android device. One you download the app you will sign in like you would on the website. This app has much of the same set up as the website and we hope you will find it to be just as easy to use.

Once you log in click my tickets and then the show you are about to enjoy. The app will pull up the tickets, you can download to your Apple or Google Wallets (each ticket will need to be added individually) or press show barcode and the usher can scan your ticket as you enter.  Your parking ticket will also show in the app and be access the same way.

For a Step by Step guide, click here

For a video to walk you through the steps, click here.

To view your mobile tickets, you must visit the main page of one of these links on your smartphone/mobile phone, the main page is You cannot view your tickets through a desktop/laptop computer or tablet.

Once the page has loaded, you will select the menu bar on the top right (three lines) and select “My Account’. From there, you will be prompted to manage your account. Click “Manage my Subscription Account”.  This will bring you to the Account Manager page. Click “Sign In” in the top right corner. You will then be prompted to input the e-mail address (and password) you have associated with your Hippodrome Theatre account. Click “Sign In”. 

Once signed in, you will be brought to your “My Events” page where you can select the show you would like to view tickets for. Click “My Tickets” to see your shows and click on the logo you’re looking for.  This will take you a page that breaks down the event/ticket details including: date, time and seating information. Click “Ticket Details” for a more detailed breakdown or “View Barcode” to view the barcode for your ticket. You will have the option to add your tickets to your Apple Wallet (or Google Pay for Android users). You also have the option to transfer or sell your tickets near the bottom of the screen. If you choose to add the tickets to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay for safekeeping, you will want to “Add” to your Apple Wallet and “Save” to your Google Pay. Your tickets will remain there until show time.

Once logged into your app:

Step 1: Select Manage My Ticket(s), then choose the event you’d like to transfer and tap Send. (Please note that not all tickets are eligible for transfer. If they are not, the transfer option will not be shown.)

Step 2: Select the tickets you’d like to transfer and tap Done, followed by Confirm.

Step 3: Add the email address of the person you’d like to send the ticket(s) to and select Done.

Yes. If they don’t already have one, they will be prompted to create one during the ticket acceptance process. They can download the app right from their phones app stores.

Yes, you can reclaim tickets as long as they have not already been accepted by the recipient.

While we love to dream the impossible dream, we understand some things are just too impossible for some. Call the dedicated subscriber hotline (800.343.3103) and we will be happy to have the box office print your tickets for pick up at your next performance.

This app will be your one stop shop. You will be able to renew your subscription, buy additional tickets to your shows, and exchange your tickets. Our goal is to make your life more like “Easy Street” with this app.

We will not be needing more information than what has been provided to sign up for our website.

The entertainment industry has been slowly moving into mobile tickets for the past few years. It has shown to be helpful to many people for ease in accessing their tickets. In light of the pandemic, mobile tickets have shown to be a safer way to carry your tickets with less contact between one another. Your safety is our biggest concern and limiting the physical contact between everyone will help keep both our patrons and our staff safer. 

We no longer offer print-at-home tickets.

In light of the pandemic, mobile tickets have shown to be a safer way to carry your tickets with less contact between people. Your safety is our biggest concern and limiting the physical contact between everyone will help keep both our patrons and our staff safer.

You also have the option to pick up tickets at will call. However, we strongly encourage you to look into mobile ticketing as it is much safer and provides easy access to your Account.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer printed tickets. While we agree the old mailed tickets were pretty. The printing, mailing, and handling of the tickets do go through a lot of people and we are trying to reduce the risk of the exposure of the virus through the mail.

When you arrive at the theater, please visit the Subscriber table in the lobby for more assistance.

If you are having issues, we are also available by phone at 800.343.3103  Monday through Friday 9am-5pm and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to try and assist you!

We understand not everyone has a smartphone and that those with smartphone things can happen and they may not work. Those guests will always have the option to pick up their tickets at the box office will-call window. However, we encourage you to please plan ahead as much as possible, and try to ensure your phone is charged prior to arriving at the theatre.

If you use the Apple or Google wallets, we suggest downloading your tickets a day in advance.

If you are using the app, you can login to the theatre’s wifi in the lobby and download your tickets there.

In order for us to scan the tickets, they must be live from the app/website or your mobile wallets. Once the tickets have been scanned, you are able to screenshot it and close the app.

Call our dedicated subscriber hotline (800.343.3103) and we will be happy to take a look.