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“Nominate a Star” Nominees from the Hippodrome Theatre, presented by Lexus and Broadway Across America

November 5th, 2020 | By Lily Robinson

During this time of challenge and change, the Hippodrome Theatre was looking for local stars who’ve gone above and beyond for the community. These game-changers could be on the front lines, in healthcare, organizing community events, finding creative solutions to problems, teaching in social distance or leading the fight against inequality. We wanted to celebrate the stars who are helping our communities be safer, more inclusive and all together better for all of us – just like the arts!


Thank you to the wonderful members of the Baltimore community who nominated their friends, family, and coworkers for our Nominate a Star campaign! We reviewed the nominees and chose five winners, who will each receive four tickets to an upcoming show when Broadway returns to the Hippodrome Theatre. All the nominations we received were inspiring and heartwarming, and we are thrilled to share our winners and other nominations.



  • Abi Patrick
    • Nominated by Rachel Patrick: Abi is a caring nurse. During COVID-19 she has not only provided amazing medical care but she has held the hands of those who were dying, made sure they got one last conversation with loved ones, and come home exhausted to her own little one, tired, emotionally exhausted, but dedicated to returning to the hospital to care for her patients who need her. Please consider this kind selfless individual who has been there for others and would be grateful for a respite and night of fun. A huge Hamilton fan, she loves broadway but has only seen a few shows. Don’t miss your shot to thank this amazing nurse!
    • Nominated by Michael Pacella: Abi is a dedicated nurse who provides excellent medical care. During COVID-19, she has worked on an all COVID units and seen sad outcomes to amazing recoveries. She is invested and cares and I’d love to thank her for all she’s done.


  • Denise Poland, R.N., nominated by Diane Daugherty: Ms. Denise Poland is an RN nurse at BW Medical Center since 1979. She has served the patients with tender loving care. The patients have loved every care that she gave with gifts and cards. Not only has she helped her patients, but she helps the homeless. She collects clothing, food, and personal hygiene [products] for them. Just recently she has helped a family that was living in a car with a 9-month-old baby. The car’s back window was broken; she took it upon herself and helped collect [money] from her friends to have the window fixed and supplies for the family. You can find Denise on weekends at the St. Phillip Neri church, handing out sandwiches, clothes, and supplies to the homeless. If anyone deserves this award it is definitely Denise Poland.


  • Mai-Ly Kwashank, nominated by Katie Rizer: A superstar in disguise as an elementary art teacher, Mai-Ly always has an exciting back-up plan for students without the necessary supplies. She spends extra hours outside of the work day crafting virtual lessons to engage her [grades] K-5 students. Oh, and she just rescued two kittens with ringworm!


  • Melissa Hults, nominated by Sara Powell: Melissa rallied a team together to make hundreds, if not a thousand, masks, hats, and ear savers for local hospitals and police departments. Not only did she spend HOURS a day and her own money, she did this while working full-time and helping her three children adjust to virtual learning.


  • Timothy Varricchio, nominated by Christina TomkoVarricchio: My husband is a local star as he is Dad as well as foster Dad to so many! We do foster care in Baltimore and are both working parents with four children of our own (two adopted through fostering). My husband is superman and super Dad, always giving 110% to ensure all children in our home, whether here forever or for just a short time, feel unconditionally loved. This is no easy task while balancing life, work and little sleep. He is a rock and a hero to all of us and brings such joy, love, & laughter to all, especially children in need.



  • Aine White, nominated by Madeline White: My sister is an art teacher in Baltimore city. She helped organize a program this summer in which all the students in her school received backpacks with school and art supplies in it to use while under quarantine! She’s a superstar.
  • Ann DiOrio, nominated by Janet Bruce: Ann is a physical therapist at Johns Hopkins; she works with Cancer patients. For the last seven months, she has pasted a smile on her face, even though her patients can’t see it behind the masks and shields she has to wear (when there were available). She has to encourage these patients to do exercises necessary for their health, but [it’s] the last thing they feel like doing! Thank goodness for people like Ann!
  • Anna McCullough, nominated by Matthew Cowan: Anna is a NICU nurse who lives to serve the infants and new mothers in her care. She is fearless, compassionate, and caring. Since the start of the pandemic, she has been working tirelessly and has risked exposure everyday. Throughout it all, she has maintained her positivity and selflessness.
  • Antoin Quarles, nominated by Lynne Cramer: Antoin Quarles runs a small non-profit called H.O.P.E that assists ex-offenders to re-enter ordinary daily life. The HOPE group assists each other in overcoming the many barriers that ex-offenders face: finding a place to live, understanding medical care and insurance issues, navigating the banking and financial world and, most importantly, finding a job. But the one thing the entire group enjoys doing is giving back to the community. The group has spent the last 28 weekends packing and giving out bags of food and other helpful items like masks, hand sanitizer, and school supplies. It is remarkable that a group of people facing barrier after barrier in their lives, makes time every week to help others. Antoin Quarles is the primary motivator for everything HOPE undertakes and should get a big pat on the back.
  • Ashley Bernie, nominated by Brett Murphy: Ashley is a mom of two. She is a grocery worker and she has not missed a day since before [the pandemic] started. She is always willing to help anyone in need and hardly ever does anything for herself. She definitely deserve this.
  • Ashley Fenton, nominated by Audrey Zimmerman: Ashley is a Nurse Practitioner in Baltimore City for [University of Maryland]. She kept working through the pandemic even though she was pregnant. Even after she delivered, she saw her patients virtually and now she is back in the office. It’s very risky as many of her patients are homeless.
  • Beto Alonso Gonzalez, nominated by Martin Manescu: Beto Alonso works for Ram Supply Company a regional distributor that sells PPE and other supplies to restaurant, hospitality and healthcare companies. Throughout the pandemic he hasn’t missed a day. Beto’s day starts at 6:00am when he consistently arrives at the office and works until 6:00pm. He always pitches in to make last minute deliveries.
  • Brad Spence, nominated by Sarah Spence: Hard-working high school assistant principal who, throughout the pandemic, created 62 engaging videos for his school community. As we return to school, he simultaneously is supporting students and staff with online learning and creating tech help videos for the entire school system.
  • Brad Storck, nominated by Stephanie Storck: Brad Storck manages Harvest Fare groceries in Baltimore City, and has been working tirelessly between 70-80 hours per week to make sure shelves are stocked and his customers are able to get food during the pandemic. On the front lines every day in a very risky environment, he deserves the tickets.
  • Carolyn Obermeier, nominated by Diane DeSantis: I am nominating my sister, Carolyn Obermeier, as a local hero. Carolyn is a learning specialist at York Catholic High School in York, PA. She works with students in grades 7-12 and meets them in small groups or individually in her classroom throughout the day. She works with more students than any other teacher in the school and because of that only gets on 20 minute break during the day. She also works with them after hours and also coaches the middle school track and cross country teams. She is a wife and mother to two young adults, and continues to devote her life to educating children in the community. During these difficult times, she worked tirelessly remotely and now is back in the classroom doing her best with COVID-19 restrictions, etc. I know no one that deserves this award more than her!
  • Cathy Patrick
    • Nominated by Rachel Patrick: A nurse [in] the NICU, Cathy has worked tirelessly to help her patients. She has worked extra shifts and stayed late to help her small patients, and provide education to parents who are overwhelmed and in need of compassionate support. She deserves a break and recognition of all her hard work. She is one of the best nurses I know–advocating for her patients and their families, and providing medical and emotional support.
    • Nominated by Michael Pacella: A nurse for more than thirty years, she cares for her little patients with love and tears. Never a day she doesn’t give it her all–110% is her norm. Long hours, no lunch, she shrugs and keeps on. “At least I can help” is her frequent saying. She loves what she does even when exhausted or hard. She’ll care for your infant as if they were your own. Let’s say thanks to this hero with a night out at broadway–the Hippodrome would be a fantastic way to wish her well and help her get through her next day.
  • Chris McCormick, nominated by Susan Coghlan: Chris and Tracy McCormick own an exhibit house in Elkridge, MD. Because of Covid, they had to furlough their employees in March. Within 24 hours they developed Shield Pals, which prints images directly onto face shields to help make the experience of being in the hospital/doctor’s/dentist’s offices less scary. All employees were brought back by May.
  • Christy Smith, nominated by Anna Smith: I would like to nominate my daughter-in-law, Christy Smith, who works at Calvert Memorial Hospital in Labor & Delivery. Christy has been untiring in her efforts to help calm moms who are delivery babies during [the COVID pandemic]. She is a positive and uplifting person, and enjoys helping families and welcoming newborn babies into this life Christy is also going to school to complete her Master’s degree in nursing. During COVID-19, Christy has had to work in other parts of the hospital to help patients. It would be a honor if you could select Christy for this nomination.
  • Danielle Jones, nominated by Jolene Workman: Danielle is a local high school performing arts director who has under the current restrictions, worked hard to keep the performing arts going for her students. She has created programs, curriculum and online resources that have allowed students to keep music and theatre in their daily lives while they are not able to meet together.
  • Danielle Jones, nominated by Jolene Workman: Danielle is a local high school performing arts director who has under the current restrictions, worked hard to keep the performing arts going for her students. She has created programs, curriculum and online resources that have allowed students to keep music and theatre in their daily lives while they are not able to meet together.
  • Darren McDonnell, nominated by Marie Tassone: Darren McDonnell works at Roland Park Place as a marketing associate. He has gone beyond his job description during the COVID pandemic. Darren, a talented singer, sings around the four sides of the building every week to entertain the residents. His dedication to bringing the joy of song is inspiring.
  • David Fletcher, nominated by Tim Kelly: If there was one human on Earth I would aspire to be, it would be Dave. Dave is an office administrator by day and an advocate for those of lesser means at night. Through various organizations such as, Dave works tirelessly to support families facing food and resource scarcity during these challenging times. Dave drives his truck all over town with his homemade signs asking for specific donations. Keep in mind, this is Dave’s personal truck. Over the past half year, Dave has gather thousands of pounds of food and resources! And when I say all over town, I mean everywhere! Dave’s harvests are then personally delivered by Dave to families in need.In addition to Dave’s one-man collection, he has personally led countless charity drives which include toy drives, coat drives, and backpack drives. However, Dave goes a step further; with the coat drives, Dave personally delivered coats during the harshest time of year to homeless camps in the Virginia and DC area. Dave conducts himself with humility and gratitude.As I watch Dave do so much for our community, I am thankful for your team to consider acknowledging Dave for his work. I wish we had more Daves.
  • Divinagracia De Torres, nominated by Ciarese De Torres: She is a nursing manager of three nursing units. She’s the best the healthcare community in Maryland can offer and more. Not only is she a fierce leader, she is also a compassionate, hard-working, and strong advocate for the safety of both her staff and patients.
  • Eileen Endryas, nominated by Kathleen Ritter: My sister, Eileen Endryas, is a retired paramedic. After working for Baltimore County fire department for 28 years, she retired and continued working for the Rosedale Volunteer Fire Department. She has saved many lives while serving on the ambulance crew; she is a cool and competent hard worker. When COVID-19 hit, it would have been easy for her to retire completely–she doesn’t get a salary and doesn’t have a contract. But she stays on and works, showing up reliably every shift. I asked her if she was afraid of contracting COVID-19, and she said, “No, I just make sure to be careful.”
  • Elizabeth Buvalla, nominated by Billie Costilow: As my sister you make me very proud, going out everyday helping out the old people. Everyday I know you make some of them old people smile when you see them, cause you make me smile when I see you.
  • Emily Jenkins, nominated by Kimberly Jenkins: My daughter, Emily is a nurse at St Joseph’s Hospital. She works tirelessly to care for her patients. During the height of COVID-19, she continued to work without proper protection, ultimately catching the virus. She is back at work giving each patient the love and care they need. At home she cares for her disabled son. She continues on even though she gets exhausted. Her smile is infectious. She deserves a break. Please choose my sweet, Emma.
  • Erika Strauss-Chavarria
    • Nominated by Carol Jackson: Erika and her sidekick, Meg Dacey Feroli, established Columbia Community Care early on in the pandemic and have, with community support, provided food and supplies for hundreds of families in need. Check out Columbia Community Care on Facebook. Their work is amazing!!!
    • Nominated by Dawn Pop: Erika is a local high school teacher who started Columbia Community Care at the start of the pandemic to provide food and other necessities to local families in need, at several giveaway sites as well as via delivery for those without transportation.
  • Erin McDowell, nominated by Rhiannon Hadaway: Erin is an amazing NICU nurse. She really cares about all the children that she works with. She says in touch with a lot of the families she helps as well.
  • Harrison Segall, nominated by Robynn Segall: Harrison is my nominee due to his work during the pandemic as a physical therapist. He and his coworker have developed a computer program that works with COVID-19 patients to speed their recovery. 
  • Heber Brown, II, nominated by Leola Funderburk: He’s the Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church of Edgemere in Baltimore County. He made sure Sunday school, prayer, Sunday worship service, and even Revival was held via Zoom, livestream, telephone, Facebook live, or parking lot service during this entire pandemic. He helped us keep the faith and stay connected.
  • Jasmin Pratt-Minor, nominated by Melissa Lansey: She is an amazing nurse. She really cares about her patients and has a passion for helping others. She works tirelessly and loves to support new nurses to the field of nursing. She is always trying to better herself so she can be a better friend and nurse. She is an excellent model of work ethic, integrity and passion. She is a star!
  • Jason Beall, nominated by Rebecca Kolberg: I would like to nominate Jason Beall, a teacher who is Director of Theatre Arts at Marriotts Ridge High School in Howard County. In response to the challenges of COVID-19, he has developed creative, remote ways to encourage aspiring young actors, to advance learning in the theatre arts, and to embrace diversity within the drama program and the entire school.
  • JC Faulk, nominated by Elizabeth Ann Miller: JC Faulk runs “an end to ignorance”, a local non-profit, which has pivoted during COVID-19 to become “more community food”. They have been moving thousands of pounds of food into the food deserts of Baltimore city to meet the needs for food during the pandemic.
  • Jeff Cywinski, nominated by Heather Cywinski: My husband has been tireless in leading Chase Brexton Healthcare through the COVID-19 pandemic. He shows up every day to guide the pharmacy department, delivering medications to immunocompromised patients and creating a policy on how our pharmacists and technicians can safely work in new conditions.
  • Jennifer Bunce, nominated by Kim Cook: Jen is RN in charge of our Infection Control Department at Springfield Hospital. Since COVID-19 started in March, she has worked day and night to make sure our patients staff safe from the virus. She spent so much time opening a COVID unit in the event patients were sick. She worked months without a day off and our hospital is very grateful.
  • Jennifer Walker, nominated by Audrey Zimmerman: Unfortunately, breast cancer doesn’t stop when there’s a pandemic. Jennifer is an ultrasound tech at the breast center at AAMC. She has been going to work all along, giving passionate and expert care to all the women who are worried about COVID and now the fear of having breast cancer.
  • Jolene Anticoli, nominated by Bonita Swanner: During the pandemic, Ms. Anticoli made sure every student in her school had a device to use from home. Many days, she drove to/from school to meet parents to pass out devices, [wifi] hot spots, and school supplies. If a parent lacked transportation, she drove the materials to their home.
  • Dr. Jorge Perez-Alard, nominated by Maria Koehnlein: Dr. Perez-Alard has worked tirelessly to take care of his patients during a time that has been difficult for the community. As a doctor he and his staff go above and beyond from their small practice to take care of their patients, even if that means making a house call for patient who is unable to leave their home. The economy has been hard on his small practice, yet he and his staff continue to work to take care of patients.
  • Judith Ramirez, nominated by David Button: Judith is not just an essential worker, she is an essential human being. She works day in and day out helping cancer patients with their treatments and infusing her work with the kindness and tenacity that these patients need in this unpredictable time.
  • Julie Grossman, nominated by Elyse Grossman: My sister, aka “Dr. G”, is a school psychologist. I have watched her go above-and-beyond to help the students, faculty, and staff at three different schools. She works especially hard to promote children’s mental health. However, her work often takes place behind-the-scenes and she receives very little public recognition.
  • Kathryn Medved, nominated by Sandra Maranto: Katie is a nurse in the MICU (Medical Intensive Care Unit) at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Unfortunately, she contacted COVID-19, suffered effects, and was put in isolation. Katie worried about her fellow staff members and she immediately went back to work after being cleared by the doctors. Still weak and extremely worn out, she went back to her duties. Katie is a hero.
  • Katrina Sillaman, nominated by Alisha Hunter: Katrina is a selfless mother who recently lost her twin boys in the beginning of COVID-19. Despite her loss, she homeschools her four other children and works at the local Starbucks where she coordinates community service efforts and initiatives and serves up smiles daily.
  • Keith Clark, nominated by Deepak Prabhakar: Mr. Clark is the security officer responsible for a busy crisis-walk-in-clinic serving the greater Baltimore area. Through this pandemic, Mr. Clark has not missed a single opportunity to lift those we serve and those serving with his infectious energy, compassion, and “ready to serve” attitude. If his tireless efforts weren’t enough, let his ever present smile be icing on the cake!
  • Kelly Carlson, nominated by Connie Williams: Kelly has spent untold hours creating new and special curriculum for the Baltimore County theatre magnet program to allow students to continue to learn and provide safe opportunities to perform appropriate audiences.
  • Kendyl Downey, nominated by Rachel Patrick: Cue “My Shot” Hamilton: She doesn’t miss the intubation, helps with the sedation, CPR she’s a pro–in one shift she’s led three codes. Home late, up early, she’ll hold your hand while you cry and make sure you don’t die. This Physician Assistant pulls out all her knowledge and tricks to make sure you get home to her family quick. Now let’s get her in front of a show to say thanks for everything she’s done, don’t you know!
  • Kim Keene, nominated by Nilene B. Spencer: Hello, I nominate Kim Keene. She works in DC for the Metro System. She works extremely hard and she works a lot of hours to make sure that everything is running and the trains are moving. She manages a great staff and she to totally dedicated to her job. I am proud to call her my friend but I am truly happy to call her family.
  • Kimberly Schlesinger, nominated by Tom Sobkowicz: Kim is a star because has worked tirelessly through coronavirus. She is a cancer doctor at St. Joseph’s hospital. In a time when many people are trying to stay home and work less. She has been working harder at the hospital sometimes 7 days a week. She is not the only one though, all selfless medical workers need a well deserved hug and a thank you.
  • Kimberly Peterson, nominated by Nadine Peterson: Kimberly Peterson is Nurse Manager for the University of Maryland Greenbaum Comprehensive Cancer Center. She is one of two that created new guidelines to protect immunocompromised cancer patients, that included developing an isolated area for COVID-19 screening limiting contact with the general public. Also expanding telemedicine and remote capabilities. Other changes included staff and patient temperature, and symptom screening on Arriva.
  • Kristyn McComas, nominated by Pat McComas: Kristyn is an elementary school special education teacher. She spends almost all of her time preparing lessons since she is teaching partly in person and partly online. She must prepare four sets of lesson plans for each day to cover two different age groups and two different types of learning. I admire her commitment to her students and would like to recognize her for it.
  • Lance Chronister, nominated by Andrea Bury: Lance helps homeless people by often putting them up in a hotel himself if need be. He owns his own company and often does work for low cost or free if people are in need. Always there to give the shirt off this back to those in need.
  • Leslie Steirer, nominated by Jessica Steirer: She’s a Baltimore City school teacher who’s adapted to virtual learning since March, and goes above and beyond working extra long hours to ensure her students learn just as much or more now in this setting!
  • Lisa Kowal, nominated by Wendy Miller: Lisa is the most hard-working, smart, talented and dedicated nurse who always thinks of others before herself.
  • Marsha Bartholomew, nominated by Ellen Walderman-Blazucki: I am immunosuppressed and my husband in incapacitated and vulnerable to the virus. Marsha is my sister-in-law and she and her husband shopped for us [and] did household chores because we needed to shelter in place. They love the theater and deserve this gesture.
  • Matt Marriott, nominated by Shannon Marriott: My husband is a physician assistant at UMD Upper Chesapeake. He has been on the COVID frontline since March, taking care of his patients but yet trying to keep himself and his family healthy. He’s dedicated to his profession and could use a nice night out once things at work settle down a bit! He is our healthcare hero.
  • Michael League, nominated by Eileen Springfield: Mike League is the technology coordinator and support for the entire school district here at Cape Henlopen High School here in southern Delaware. He is a rockstar when it comes to teaching the teachers. He has worked tirelessly to show the professionals the technology apps and links that make virtual learning work. His calm voice, consistent patience, and constant support have made the chaos of virtual learning melded with the face-to-face learning possible for all students.
  • Morgan Patel, nominated by Tim Rich: Morgan Patel is a local high school teacher and coach who has, throughout the pandemic, made the welfare of her students a priority, tirelessly and selflessly striving to optimize the virtual learning process by maximizing all available resources while spending countless hours encouraging, training, and mentoring her teaching colleagues to excel.
  • NJ “Pluto” Wight, nominated by Kristine Dartnall: Ms. Wight and dog Pluto have graced the YouTube stage since the pandemic roared into every fiber of our being. Pluto speaks to his “two-legged” audience from his tiny doggie heart with hilarious repartee, imaginative wit, and offers advice on a broad selection of topics from a four-legged perspective. Like Rosie the Riveter in years past, he will be remembered as a bright spot. While life is bizarre these days, he never fails to leave you with a chuckle and a invaluable seed of hope.
  • Pamela Chaney, nominated by Ciara Wilson: Pam is a teacher and a mentor to me who inspired me to continue fighting and living on despite being severely depressed. She made me start loving life again.
  • Rachel Patrick, nominated by Michael Pacella: Rachel works as a pediatric ICU nurse. During COVID-19, I have seen her cry when she gets home, exhausted and tired. She cares so much yet wears herself out. Her small patients love her–glove balloons and stickers to get a smile after an IV stick? All the time. She cares [that] her patients feel safe and understand, and makes sure they get excellent care. She loves music and broadway and would be so thankful to win.
  • Ray Ellen Fisher, nominated by Naomi Michaelson: My neighbor Ray Ellen Fisher is a school nurse working in Baltimore County Public Schools and is also doing coronavirus tracing. Her mother recently passed away from COVID-19 and she wants to help people stay safe. She is a positive person who goes out of her way to help others.
  • Richard Paris Christopher Mays, nominated by Darlynn Yvonne Weaver: I have known retired detective Richard Mays for his willingness to work in his community. He is the caregiver for his Aunt Lorraine who is slowly dying of Alzheimer’s, prepare and delivers meals to his elderly neighbors who have no family members, and he still manages to still work an on-call part-time security job! I think that retired detective Mays should win.
  • Robert, Sharon, Amanda & Matthew King, nominated by Kathy Daniello: I am nominating the King Family–Robert, Sharon, Amanda & Matthew. Robert is a restaurant owner who has not shut down once during COVID-19 and has delivered food to our family to save us the trip. Sharon is a nurse who worked in the COVID unit, Amanda is an ophthalmologist technician, and Matthew is a Marine serving his country in Hawaii. This family is an example of what it is to work hard and not give up in hard times.
  • Robert Smith, nominated by Barb Smith: Rob is a special needs person who works at University of Maryland hospital in Anne Arundel. He works 3-11pm performing housekeeping duties. He never shied away from the work and anytime he was asked to work an extra shift he accepted. This is a job many don’t want to do or appreciate those who do it. We took Rob to a performance of Jersey Boys and he really enjoyed. Proud of him and what he has done for last ten years. Thanks for recognizing those who’ve stepped up during pandemic!
  • Sandy Michocki, nominated by Dan Collins: Sandy Michocki is Chaplain for Mercy’s ICU & Emergency Dept. She was with ICU staff as Dr. Joseph Costa entered ICU and passed from COVID-19, a story which garnered national attention. She has been a constant support of Dr. Costa’s husband and Joe’s family. Sandy is on Mercy’s COVID unit frontlines.
  • Suzanne Lavoie, nominated by Riley Lavoie: She is a current infectious Disease Doctor at VCU and is on the frontline of COVID, works everyday to help the people who need it most, and is also a single mom of four kids and raises them all.
  • Teresa Champion, nominated by Rachel Hernandez: She inspires the young and old, not only with exercise for health but stirs our soul with the music and confidence. Age is just a number. I [have] admired and loved her since the age of 16–I still dance at 74. She’s 84–that is amazing!!
  • Tiffany Miller, nominated by Isabella Innes: She is a admin member at Kenwood high who goes above and beyond for all the students and staff at school, even working a surgical procedure around them to make sure their needs are met first even before her self. She is someone the kids look up to and is there for them no matter what they need, in school and outside school.
  • Councilman Yitzy Schleifer, nominated by Shelley Zimmerman: Councilman Schleifer’s district experienced a horrific explosion last month that destroyed four homes. The Councilman was there minutes after, helping anyone and everyone with their needs both big and small. He spent over 15 hours a day on scene. After making sure people received daily meals and lodging accommodations, he also planned a community cleanup to help the community heal that had over 400 attendees. Yitzy is truly a star who goes above and beyond for the people of Baltimore. Here is one of the many news articles on his efforts.