I Love Rak ‘n’ Roll: On the Road with Flashdance's Rachelle Rak, Episode 2: Meet Rak’s Relatives in the ‘Burgh and Learn the Importance of a ‘Drop Swing’ on the Journey to St. Louis

In the second installment of I Love Rak ‘N’ Roll, Rachelle Rak has a family reunion in Pittsburgh during Flashdance’s first stop on its national tour. After her emotional homecoming, the actress rediscovers the demanding schedule of life on the road in a big musical as the cast journeys to St. Louis. Not to fear; Rak has the perfect antidote for hours spent on an airplane— a drop swing. Watch the video below to find out how to perform the tricky movement and also see Rak perform her show-stopping number from Flashdance, “I love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” on St. Louis’s KMOV.

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