The Addams Family - National Tour

The weird and wonderful family comes to devilishly delightful life.

My Space: Brian Justin Crum Shows Off His Little Piggy Backstage at The Addams Family

As Lucas Beineke in the national tour of The Addams Family, Brian Justin Crum finds himself in the creepy and kooky home of America’s favorite gothic family. But while he’s offstage, Crum makes his dressing room a cozy nook where he can be reminded of his friends back home and maintain his fresh breath. Crum took inside his backstage space to show off his five must-have items, as well as who hijacked his computer desktop background.

"The national tour schedule is hard. I miss all my friends back home in New York, so I always travel with pictures of them."

"This little piggy goes ‘wee wee wee’ all across America. He was given to me by Rebecca Riker, our flapper and Morticia cover. He reminds me of my dog Henry."

"I always bring my laptop to the theater. I have a good amount of down time to check emails and such. Cortney [Wolfson, who plays Wednesday Addams] hijacked my computer one day and made her old headshot the desktop background. I think it gives my MacBook character."

"Playing the role of Lucas is really difficult. I have to kiss a gorgeous girl for two hours. Life is hard! I keep Altoids close at all times, just in case I need to freshen up for my leading lady."

"Water! Hydrate! It's important! I try to drink a gallon a day. I usually fail."

See Crum and the Addams clan when The Addams Family arrives at Baltimore’s Hippodrome Theatre March 6 through March 18.

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