The Hippodrome Theatre

The Hippodrome Theatre — Baltimore, MD


Baltimore Parking

University of Maryland Medical Center Grand Garage
5 N. Paca Street
Take the Fayette Street side elevators directly in to the Hippodrome lobbies without setting foot outside
Disclaimer: Parkers who use the Grand Garage assume all risk of loss or damage to vehicles and persons using the Grand Garage. The owner and operator of the Grand Garage, Hippodrome Foundation, Inc., Hippodrome Theatre, TMG Hippodrome, LLC and each of their respective parents and affiliates are not responsible for, and assume no liability for, fire, theft, damage or loss to any vehicle, or for injury to any person or property as a result of use of the Grand Garage. Posted parking rules and instructions of parking attendants must be followed to avoid towing, fines and possible criminal penalties and loss of the opportunity to park in the Grand Garage.

Parking Garage at Centerpoint
310 W. Balt. St
1/2 block East from the Hippodrome, accessible from Fayette or Baltimore Streets.
24 hours security, accepts all major credit cards and it is accessible 24 hrs a day

Lexington Market Parking Lot
200 block of Eutaw Street
Show Parking is a 114 car surface parking lot a half a block north of the Hippodrome on Eutaw Street.

Arrow Parking Garage
210 W. Baltimore Street
1 ½ blocks away, across from First Mariner Arena
clearance 6’6” open 24 hours

Redwood Street Garage
11 S. Eutaw, enter on Eutaw just south of W. Redwood Street
(1 block away)
clearance 6’5”, open 24 hours

Arrow Parking
213 W. Fayette, 1½ blocks away, east of Howard Street

Pearl Street Garage
622 W. Fayette Street, enter on Fayette past Pearl Street
clearance 85”

The Atrium Garage
308 W. Fayette

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