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Subscribers get priority access to seats before tickets go on sale to the public.

Plus! Subscribers get the first chance to buy tickets to special events that are added throughout the year!


Only Hippodrome Broadway Series Season Subscribers have the privilege of exchanging tickets should a conflict arise. Exchanges will be made from the best available seating. Click here for directions on how to exchange tickets online.

*Online ticket donations must be processed 10 business days prior to your performance.


Unfortunately, comparable seating cannot always be guaranteed. All exchanges are subject to availability. The difference must be paid if exchanging into a higher priced seating location or performance. Refunds will not be given when exchanging into a lower priced performance or seating location. Please note there is a $3.00 per ticket handling fee to exchange your tickets over the phone. The fee is waived for exchanges made online. Exchanges must be processed at least 48 hours prior to your performance for performances Tuesday through Saturday or by 5pm on Friday for Sunday performances.


The price of each subscription seat reflects the face value of your tickets, as well as handling fees, facility fees, applicable taxes, and if applicable, the Smyth Diamond Grand Suite or Inner Circle subscription fee noted below. Smyth Diamond Grand Suite subscription package prices include $15 in handling fees per subscription seat. All non-Grand Suite subscription package prices include $46 in handling fees per subscription seat. Smyth Diamond Grand Suite Subscriptions (Balcony Front Center [Grand Suites] Rows B-C Seats 301-308; Balcony Front Left [Grand Suites] Rows B-C Seats 201-229; and Balcony Front Right [Grand Suites] Rows B-C Seats 202-230) include a $390 fee for each Subscription seat purchased. Additional benefits include access to the Lexus Lounge (which includes a private bar, coat check and restrooms), parking passes to the Grand Garage, private ticket concierge hotline. Inner Circle Subscriptions (Orchestra Center Rows A-S, Orchestra Right Rows C-O, Orchestra Right Rows P-S Seats 2-22, Orchestra Left Rows C-O, Orchestra Left Rows P-S Seats 1-21, Balcony Center Rows D-G) include a $110 fee ($135 for Saturday matinee, Saturday evening and Sunday matinee) for each Subscription seat purchased. Additional benefits include parking passes to the Grand Garage. Smyth Diamond Grand Suite and Inner Circle Subscribers receive priority access to these premium seat locations prior to tickets being placed on sale to the general public.



Should your tickets become lost or stolen, please contact us immediately at 800.343.3103 (Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm), so we can arrange to have your tickets reprinted for you. For the security of your account, lost or stolen reprints will not be mailed or emailed. They will be held at Will Call for pickup an hour before your scheduled performance. Proper ID is required. Please note, lost tickets cannot be exchanged.


Use your Subscriber Discount Card at our participating restaurants and organizations. Click here to see the offers. Check back often as deals are added regularly. Lost your Subscriber Discount Card? Call us at 800.343.3103 (M-F, 9am-5pm) to request a replacement.

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